Monday, September 17, 2007

My life as a homeless man...

I was, house-less to be exact...I had a car. Inga is her name, shes Swedish. Its quite complicated to live in a Saab convertible with your whole life in there as well.
It started like this...I moved back to maui, where i grew up, thinking it would be like it was when I was a kid...wrong! It has been over developed, over consumed, over populated...but I digress. I moved back, with some one who I thought would appreciate it, once again I was wrong.I lived in an apartment where for the last year and a half or so, id been paying the rent on the 12th to the 15th, since the day i moved in! So i payed the rent on the 15th(or so) and on the first of the month my roomie came looking for more money, I didnt have it seeing as how work had been slow for me. so instead of waiting, he decided that while i was at work, he would go ahead and lock the doors and windows on me...fantastic, seeing as how we had no lease, or a extra set of keys(the former tenant had yet to return the key and we had no lease agreement), so i was s.o.l....
So for the next month and some change i was homeless...from showering at the beach to sleeping in my car. Straight up homeless! Fun!
And to make matters worse, I lost my job because he locked me out of the house and away from my work clothes and shower and shave kit(which by the way is ironic considering he was all butthurt cuz he says i wasnt working enough...hmmm)...great.
I forgot to mention that i was working at one of the, if not THE best and nicest French restaurant's in the state...
So here i am, living in my car, showering when i can, eating off the dollar menu at McD's, un shaven, sweating at night cuz its hot as SHIT! Life is grand. Unable to get my stuff out of the house, but secretly stoked because it had turned into free storage, considering the fact that i lived in a SAAB 2 DOOR CONVERTIBLE!
But i made it, and now im living in cali...not in my car, but in my own space...!yay! got my dog, my stuff and my skateboard....THANK JAH!

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