Monday, September 17, 2007

F.S.A....Future sluts of america

How old is your daughter? 12? 13? 8? Then why do you as parents think its appropriate to dress you children like Ho-bags?
I have no children, but if i did i would definitely not let them wear make up or push up bra's!
This is ridiculous. Do you want them to get picked up by some ped? Or maybe get preggers by 15?
I know that pop culture has warped your sense of reality and all, but your child should not look like a mini Britney or Christina. You are preparing them to be gold digging sluts, by letting them dress like this, you are telling them that its ok to rely upon your looks or body to get what they want. That they can slack through life and find a man to take care of them....This is a 2 way street here girls, its called give-take.
These kids need to be just that, KIDS, not kids acting like adults. Life is not a magazine, this is not Vanity Fair, or Seventeen. This is real life and your kids are being little skanks...

...well at least they look like skanks....

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